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My son, Owen Thiele, and his dearest friends Molly Gordon and Taylor Mackall. Oh, how I adore them all. Someday, I may be this good but it is doubtful…

I think my Dad would be cool with this…


The Forest Rangers featuring Audra Mae, Billy Valentine, Katey Sagal, Curtis Stigers & Franky Perez - Everyday People


Sly Stone is sacred ground to me. I saw him at the Fillmore East in 1968 and it pretty much sealed the deal. When Kurt Sutter said he wanted to end episode 603 with a montage of “Everyday People” i thought Waterloo. And not the ABBA song.

5 minutes and 27 seconds of music needed for the montage. All from a song that sits on one chord and lasts 2:22 in its original form.

Here you go, ladies and gents. The Forest Rangers take on a song which would be in the Hall Of Fame of songs if such a thing did exist. 

I listened to this today and thought, “Wow, I’m pretty fucking good!” And then I realized I owe it all to #DaveWay #MattChamberlain #BobGlaub #GregLeisz #AudraMae #BillyValentine #KateySagal #CurtisStigers #FrankyPerez. I’m just lucky to hang out in their worlds…

"Condenado" by The Forest Rangers featuring Franky Perez

from Sons Of Anarchy, Season 4, episode 404